Monday, 30 September 2013

Logo analysis

I think my logo is quite simple, it is simple in a good way. I believe that the logo puts across what the show is about. I find that the image of an anonymous young boy shows that it could be anybody and a portrays a hoodlum character. I used the rubber tool to change the font to make it look vandalized this is because that there is a lot of vandalism  in Brixton. I used the background of a an early morning, this is partly to make the logo look attractive but to also show that work in Brixton starts early.

View Picture 1.png in slide show
This is the logo itself you can see it matches all elements needed to make a successful relevant TV show.

1 comment:

  1. LOGO: C1 - A really good idea and it has clear connotations that link to the program idea.
    T: Focus on developing your skill level to include shadows and lighting effects.

    EVAL: D1 - Your evaluation is short and can only get a D, but there is promise. If you were to add more detail to your points with specific examples this would help.
    T: Write with more detail and specific examples to develop your answers.