Tuesday, 18 March 2014

General Conventions Work

This has a sound amount of detail and you have explained your self well throughout, well done. To progress you just need to make sure that you have specific detail. 


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Symmetrical covers

This  magazine cover of VIBE is symmetrical because of the pose that he is doing, with is hands on the side of his head it shows that on both sides it is even. This magazine is symmetrical due to the posing and font layout.

This is symmetrical because of the font balance, posing and also colour balance in the title to make   the last part of the title to balance with the first part. The 2 subtitles on the left side match very well with the right giving it the symmetrical look.

This magazine is symmetrical because of the pose of the man. Also the colours  are also symmetrical as well as the title. Everything in this picture seems to even and equal.

This magazine is symmetrical because of colour, posing and also the posing. This is quite a plain cover but is defiantly very symmetrical more than most of the other magazine you would find.

This magazine is symmetrical because of eye balance, font and and colour both sides of this cover is even and equal and achieves being symmetrical in a number of ways.

This magazine cover is Asymmetrical because of how the front cover is evened out because of the pose  by the model and the text on the side. The colours are also alike making about all of the picture Asymmetrical. This is symmetrical by colour.

This magazine is Asymmetrical because of like the others the text is balanced out by the image. Also the cover uses different fonts but using more small fonts on one side and one big font on the other. This is symmetrical by value.

This magazine is Asymmetrical because the text is balanced out with the image because a lot is happening it balances it out with text on one side and the background of the image making it look equal on the other side. This is symmetrical by shape.


This is a good start and you have the basics here. However, this does not have a huge amount of detail and you will need to explain your answer more.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Magazine Covers

In this magazine cover Jason Statham is posing in a very smart and formal fashion, Photoshop is used to clean up the photo as in putting filters in and overall cleanup of the image. This cover makes the magazine have a sense of fashion and formality. Especially because Jason Statham us a very respected well known celebrity more people are going to pick up and buy the magazine because when they look at it they see the magazine as respected by Jason Statham.

The magazine is also laid out in a very slick and formal way and the title is very bold and colourful the subtitles are on the side and look very easy to read and put there in the way that makes it look professional.

This magazine is themed for christmas, Snoop Dogg is dressed in a festive outfit on the front and all of the
titles are themed with christmas and festive font and decorations that relate to Christmas season. The language used to "Smokin' Christmas" shows how Snoop Dogg is related to smoking marijuana etc and has been used to take advantage of advertising this magazine and the Christmas related theme of it.

"How the super-rich are screwing America" This shows that this magazine is not loving Celebrities and other rich icons and that they may believe or at least publish that they have a negative influence on the nation.

This magazine called GQ shows James Franco on the cover. It shows him in a very positive way advertising his as the next James Dean. This cover is very bright and almost could be unisex this is not only because of the colour scheme but also because of the stories which are inside and are shown on the front such as "Where to find the best wine in the world" Which males and females would be interested in and also Football which most males would be very interested in.

There are also some articles on sex such as "Why no one uses condoms anymore" There is also 50+ pages of what to wear and how to wear it so this magazine cover shows that the magazine covers a lot of topics that a lot of people would be interested in reading.

In this magazine it clearly shows on the front cover that the magazine is intended for men, such as articles that say what women find sexy, the magazine also says on the front cover how to get easy money... This would grab the attention of many people just because they would be curious on how to make money.

Jay Z is on the front as he is shown very smart. This makes this magazine look very formal and well funded. Most of the articles in this magazine are about women money and how to get fit which most men would be very interested in. 

In this magazine much like the others the target audience is quickly given away, most of these articles would be interesting for a woman, such as showing tips on how to get thin or even look like Kim Kardashian. On the side it can be seen that even women TV is being shown such as what time and what programme. It also shows that fashion tips can be shown inside and an insight on celebrity life.

It also has the title "GET THIN FAST!" this can be seen as almost inviting to show people some diet secrets on how to be thin just because of how bold the title is.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Convention 4

Publication: FHM
Issue: February 2005

The standard model “guy” is a pretty straightforward being. When we tell our lady to shut her trap so we can watch some footie, it means just that. There are no hidden messages whatsoever. And it certainly does not mean, “Honey, now is the best time to talk about where this relationship is going.” But as we’ve stressed oh-so-many times in the pages of this very magazine, women on the other hand, are not so much into this business of being straightforward. The word “fine” for example, could mean a million and one things, and it is way better to have all your limbs chopped off by a mega-powered chainsaw than have a woman say the dreaded word to you.
So this month if your girl mutters, “We don’t really need to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you don’t want to,” don’t take it as your cue to jump for joy and spend all the cash on Star Wars Lego. Why? Because there is simply no chance in hell that she actually means it, plus it will take you forever to build one stupid Millennium Falcon.
If anything, it’s simply a test to see if you’re really the sensitive and caring dreamboat that you’ve been pretending to be, or if you’re just, well, a guy. So what do you do? If you really dig the chick – and third base is a great possibility – we recommend you sell all your worldly possessions and spend it all on that one special day. And to help your cause, we’ve got some pretty good V-Day gift ideas on pages 98 and 99. After all, third base is a pretty damn good thing.

Read the above Editor’s Letter and highlight all of the examples of the editor being chatty and informal, as well as examples of the editor using a direct mode of address (using “you” or “your”)

Convention 3

Find examples of direct mode of address in the above magazine. Why is this used? What effect does it have on the target audience?
An example of direct mode is ‘You lost him at hello’ this is implying that it is to you personally this makes you want to read it. This is saying that YOU lost him at hello and YOU need tips how to be more smooth.

Convention 2

Why does the magazine use a model or celebrity on the cover? Why are they looking directly at the camera?
Explain the effect on the target audience.
A celebrity is used on the front cover because it draws attention and will make people view it. The people on the cover are looking at the camera so it looks like they are looking at you the reader so you will buy the magazine. The celebrity makes the magazine look more successful also.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lifestyle magazines introduction

Identify the different types of content in the magazine i.e. health.
In the magazines the different types of content are On the cover, in this part is stories that are important of interesting to read. Features, This is fashion and things that are personal to you, and agenda, this is things that are going top happen in the future. All of these topics are based too females and are overall things that females would enjoy reading.

discuss the layout of the page. From the analysis what gender and type of person is this magazine for?
This magazine is for females, this is shown by the colours for example they are very light and contain pink and those sort of colours. The magazine features gossip and fashion. On the front page their is no males nor anything that males would enjoy reading  or looking at.

How would someone hope to benefit from buying this magazine?
Somebody would benefit from this magazine because they would enjoy catching up with the latest gossip or wearing the newest most in fashion. It would also be enjoyable for somebody to read this magazine such as the stories and Agenda section.