Thursday, 10 October 2013

Presentation evaluation

WWW: We managed to work together in creation the rest of the slides.

WWW: We presented it together and managed to work as a team.

WWW: We mixed our ideas together to get the best ideas.

EBI: If the scheme was more interesting and colorful. 

We could have made the slide itself more interesting than just white slides, though we did not get a lot of time at the ned to do any major editing.

EBI: If it was longer in the way of the slides and overall presentation.

We could have put more information into the slides about the content of the video.

EBI: If more planning was put in.

This could be improved by making some sort of plan before we actually started developing the presentation.

Tom and I didn't work together at the start, we joined half way through. Though Tom and I worked well in a team and made a successful presentation.

1 comment:

  1. Solid work but a little on the short side in terms of detail Joe. Make sure you state how your EBI's could develop your work.