Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Media diary

Weekdays: in the morning i wake up to the alarm on my Smartphone, after i wake u and get ready i out on my Television . When I leave my house, on my way to school I listen to music on my Ipod . When  arrive at school I text on my Smartphone at break and lunch.
When school ends I listen to music on the way home too on my Ipod When I arrive home if i need help researching about my homework I look on my Computer  When I have finished my homework I then go on my Xbox 360  Before I got to bed at about 10 to half 10 I watch youtube videos on my Iphone

Weekends: When I wake up in the mornings i switch on my Television sometimes while i an watching it i go on my Computer  If i go out I will ring my friend where we are meeting on my Smartphone   After being out I would ring my mum that I am on m way home on my Smartphone   When i get home i would spend the rest of the night on my Xbox 360 or watching television 

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