Monday, 30 September 2013

Logo analysis

I think my logo is quite simple, it is simple in a good way. I believe that the logo puts across what the show is about. I find that the image of an anonymous young boy shows that it could be anybody and a portrays a hoodlum character. I used the rubber tool to change the font to make it look vandalized this is because that there is a lot of vandalism  in Brixton. I used the background of a an early morning, this is partly to make the logo look attractive but to also show that work in Brixton starts early.

View Picture 1.png in slide show
This is the logo itself you can see it matches all elements needed to make a successful relevant TV show.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Colour replacement tool

How to access the tool
you’ll find the Color Replacement Tool under the Healing Brush in the Tools palette

This is what the tool looks like...
When you select it your curser will turn into a dot with a circle round it, if you have used he eraser tool then you will recognise what it looks like.
This is what the curser will look like...

You can change the size of the curser using the bracket tools. You can find the brackets near the letter 'p' on the keyboard, As you drag the Color Replacement Tool over your image, Photoshop continuously samples the color that’s directly under the target symbol in the center of the tool’s cursor. This is the color that will be replaced, and it will be replaced with your current foreground colour . Any pixels that fall within the larger circle surrounding the target symbol that match the color being replaced will have their color changed. For example, if you pass the target symbol over an area of blue in your photo and your Foreground color is set to red, any blue pixels that the larger circle passes over will be changed to red. There’s some options we can set in the Options Bar to alter the behavior of the tool (which we’ll look at shortly), but essentially, that’s how it works.

This is what the colour pallet looks like.
You need to select the colour you'll use with this menu

Here is a sample of the tool in action...

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

connotation and denotation

Dark side of the moon:
Denotation: I can see that there is a pyramid shaped triangle with a dark black background this some multicolored light rays traveling through the triangle and coming out dull.

Connotation: I see that this may be an illuminate themed cover, for the pyramid is showing that fun and happiness is traveling  into one side but it comes out dull and destroyed.

Denotation: I see that there is a blonde woman standing in front of 5 men in suits with a Black and white background, the woman is wearing a white dress and everyone is wearing a formal attire.

connotation: I see that they are all dressed to impress and would say that all the men are fighting over the girl, judging by their posing and facial expressions. The background represents the black tie dress code and everything is formal and well kept up.

Media diary

Weekdays: in the morning i wake up to the alarm on my Smartphone, after i wake u and get ready i out on my Television . When I leave my house, on my way to school I listen to music on my Ipod . When  arrive at school I text on my Smartphone at break and lunch.
When school ends I listen to music on the way home too on my Ipod When I arrive home if i need help researching about my homework I look on my Computer  When I have finished my homework I then go on my Xbox 360  Before I got to bed at about 10 to half 10 I watch youtube videos on my Iphone

Weekends: When I wake up in the mornings i switch on my Television sometimes while i an watching it i go on my Computer  If i go out I will ring my friend where we are meeting on my Smartphone   After being out I would ring my mum that I am on m way home on my Smartphone   When i get home i would spend the rest of the night on my Xbox 360 or watching television 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What type of school is Waterloo Road

Waterloo road is a secondary school in a rough area. Its pupils do not care about school work and education and neither does the staff of the school. From a view of the playground you could see there was vandalism, bullying and drug deals. The interior of the school is very run down and dull, as you can see in the first scene the head teacher is driven crazy by the pupils of the school. The teachers do not appreciate the school or what it trys to stand for. 

When a receptionist tells the deputy principle the teacher says 'tell him to meet me at my other office' the other office... is the pub. after the teacher meets the deputy principle, he is quick to try and brainwashing him to not care either. The new teacher attempts to give him ideas to make the school a better place for students and staff but the deputy head is quick to dismiss him. 

There is no sense of control in the school, looking at the school you can not tell what the uniform is because all the students are wearing different things. one girl is standing in a tracksuit! in a part a boy is walking in with a hickey stick, he doesn't look like he plays hockey. after a while he is walking down a path smashing windows and vandalising.

In conclusion waterloo road is a school which has lost its ways and has no sense of control. the students nor teachers show no care.