Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What type of school is Waterloo Road

Waterloo road is a secondary school in a rough area. Its pupils do not care about school work and education and neither does the staff of the school. From a view of the playground you could see there was vandalism, bullying and drug deals. The interior of the school is very run down and dull, as you can see in the first scene the head teacher is driven crazy by the pupils of the school. The teachers do not appreciate the school or what it trys to stand for. 

When a receptionist tells the deputy principle the teacher says 'tell him to meet me at my other office' the other office... is the pub. after the teacher meets the deputy principle, he is quick to try and brainwashing him to not care either. The new teacher attempts to give him ideas to make the school a better place for students and staff but the deputy head is quick to dismiss him. 

There is no sense of control in the school, looking at the school you can not tell what the uniform is because all the students are wearing different things. one girl is standing in a tracksuit! in a part a boy is walking in with a hickey stick, he doesn't look like he plays hockey. after a while he is walking down a path smashing windows and vandalising.

In conclusion waterloo road is a school which has lost its ways and has no sense of control. the students nor teachers show no care.

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