Thursday, 19 September 2013

Colour replacement tool

How to access the tool
you’ll find the Color Replacement Tool under the Healing Brush in the Tools palette

This is what the tool looks like...
When you select it your curser will turn into a dot with a circle round it, if you have used he eraser tool then you will recognise what it looks like.
This is what the curser will look like...

You can change the size of the curser using the bracket tools. You can find the brackets near the letter 'p' on the keyboard, As you drag the Color Replacement Tool over your image, Photoshop continuously samples the color that’s directly under the target symbol in the center of the tool’s cursor. This is the color that will be replaced, and it will be replaced with your current foreground colour . Any pixels that fall within the larger circle surrounding the target symbol that match the color being replaced will have their color changed. For example, if you pass the target symbol over an area of blue in your photo and your Foreground color is set to red, any blue pixels that the larger circle passes over will be changed to red. There’s some options we can set in the Options Bar to alter the behavior of the tool (which we’ll look at shortly), but essentially, that’s how it works.

This is what the colour pallet looks like.
You need to select the colour you'll use with this menu

Here is a sample of the tool in action...

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