Tuesday, 10 September 2013

connotation and denotation

Dark side of the moon:
Denotation: I can see that there is a pyramid shaped triangle with a dark black background this some multicolored light rays traveling through the triangle and coming out dull.

Connotation: I see that this may be an illuminate themed cover, for the pyramid is showing that fun and happiness is traveling  into one side but it comes out dull and destroyed.

Denotation: I see that there is a blonde woman standing in front of 5 men in suits with a Black and white background, the woman is wearing a white dress and everyone is wearing a formal attire.

connotation: I see that they are all dressed to impress and would say that all the men are fighting over the girl, judging by their posing and facial expressions. The background represents the black tie dress code and everything is formal and well kept up.

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  1. Joe, there are only 2 out of 10 covers here. What you have said is good though!

    Please re do this work for wednesday